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Onsite & Offshore

Have your own dedicated development team in India and get your development work happening round the clock. You can start with just one team member and can go as high as you want.

Using our Construct Work and Adopt Model we will setup your own dedicated employees for your company. For all practical purposes you are fully in charge of what the team does right down to the day to day work done by each member. You schedule your teams' project plans. The team will work on our premises and will be on our payroll. We will take care of all aspects of your team's day to day needs.

It is like having your full fledged development team in India from day zero without having to wait for 6 months to go through the process of incorporating a company. Your team will have a dedicated physical area to work in at our facility that will help in team building and create a distinct identity for your company. We will help you recruit and setup the team. You can be fully operational as a team even while you work on establishing your presence in India.


We are clear that e-business is first and foremost about business innovation. We believe that digital strategies deliver when business acumen and technology converge. That is why our E-Business focus addresses the entire gamut of business requirements - from establishing a meaningful Internet presence and content management and portal solutions to B2B integration, enterprise application integration, mobile commerce and web security.

The evolution of the Internet has created a new generation of electronic commerce that no organization can afford to ignore. This is based on the open, inter-networked essence of the Internet. It employs network architecture, builds networks of relationships and develops new networked business models.

These networked businesses face a new challenge - they need to exchange and manage content, business processes and transactional data across multiple components. The solution for the networked business is the portal. Ranging from community and enterprise portals to e-marketplaces, portals provide personalized content, applications and services based on specific business requirements.

Remote System

Linux being adopted successfully by thousands of companies have a need for Linux Server administration but cannot justify the high cost of a full-time Linux System Administrator.

To ensure maximum uptime, you have to proactively monitor your systems around the clock to detect any anomalies that might indicate an imminent problem. You also have to do routine upgrades, system tweaking and maintenance. Not every company has the luxury of IT staff they can dedicate to these tasks. And those that do would prefer to have their IT professionals doing more productive work like application development.

The owners of small to medium enterprises have to pay heavy charges to the Server administrator for jobs like installing, upgrading any application/ package. Unavailability of such administrator when required is a common scenario.

Hosting Services

In general, a web site is a place on the Internet that can be used to present something to the Internet audience. A website is only a tiny portion of the vast Internet; a global network connecting millions and decentralizing by design. With a website, you will be able to give present information about your company to your clients. A website is much like a book to be found in the largest library in the world. That is why it is important to make a website attractive so users would continue reading your website just like a book and their attention would be captured.

A website is like a necessity in today's society. Millions of new users are connecting to the Internet from any part of the world at any time. People use the Web to do almost everything, including banking, shopping, and researching. Not only is it quick, convenient and easy, but it is always a changing environment. Newly updated sites always appear and there are always new things to explore on the Internet because of its comprehensiveness. A website is like a phone number, it is the first place people look before they do business with your company. If they don't find you, they will then find your competitors. A website could present vital company information to the prospective client.

Our Partners & Clients

AI Jones ConsultingOffShore development Partners for Al Jones Consulting, dedicated team working on their Health Record related projects on Microsoft Technologies Infinology We have been selected as development Partners for Infinology Inc., US and we have dedicated consultants working on their projects based on PHP / MySQL. These solutions include shopping cart, OSCommerce, Payment Gateway Integrations etc.